Due to the summer holidays the office of Spinder DHC is closed from Aug. 4th until August 20th. 


Construction of new home for Spinder is taking off

Alderman Bakker drives the first pile.
At 7 a.m. this morning, some 70 people witnessed alderman Bakker driving the first pile at the Azeven Noord industrial estate in Drachten.

After a brief introduction by commercial director Jehannes Bottema, in which he mentioned all parties involved, alderman Bakker presented a watercolour of the pingo that lies in front of the new building. For the future, a nice memory of the pingo behind the current Spinder premises. Mayor Van Selm (Municipality of Opsterland) and Mayor Van Mourik (Municipality of Smallingerland) also attended this important milestone for Spinder.

"It may be a little bit greener".
"It may be a little bit greener" is the credo of Spinder, and they are making a big effort in this area. Green is also the colour of the smoothie that was given as a toast on the new development. After that, the employees, construction workers and other guests had breakfast together.

Business activities are expected to be transferred to the new location in stages, starting in the summer of 2019. Bouwgroep Noord of Drachten is responsible for the construction, and Langhout & Cazemier, a Drachten-based consultancy firm, is involved in the design and internal logistics of the factory.



Innovation Award Cuddle box


Silver Medal Innovation Award EuroTier 2016 awarded to Cuddle box! 

The Silver Medal awarded to the Cuddle box was announced at the official ceremony, which was held in conjunction with the formal opening of the EuroTier trade fair on 14 November 2016.






Renewal of the visual identity of Spinder!


Our ambition to further internationalization triggered a renewal of the visual identity of Spinder. In the new logo we have incorporated ‘Dairy Housing Concepts’. The new slogan of Spinder is: ‘the advantages of comfort’.






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