Dairy housing systems

New website Spinder dairy housing systems!


Take a look at our unique product pages with new photos, product drawings and a fast link to our product documentation!

We have started on the website with the following product groups; Freestall dividers, Pens for calf, Freestall matting, Feed fronts, Cow traffic gates, Partition barriers and Drinking water systems.

This is not the complete Spinder product portfolio, the website will be completed with our other product groups in the coming months. The Spinder catalogue with complete product portfolio can be found in the Knowledge bank.

On the new website you can find all the latest news about Spinder products, projects and interests. Scroll, browse, read and view the pages and let us know what you think. Your opinion is much appreciated.

The website is in the growth and development stage, so please take a look regularly!

'Spinder, for comfort in dairy!'



12 Feb - 14 Feb 2016 - Agridagen - Ravels, Belgium

Fair schedule

17 Feb - 18 Feb 2016 - Düsser Milchviehtage - Bad Sassendorf, Germany

Fair schedule
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