Euro Dairy study visit 04-2017


Euro Dairy Study visit

 April 2017 Euro Dairy organized a study trip for UK stakeholders to the Netherlands.

Nine British dairy farmers, three researchers of the University of Nottingham, Harper Adams University ans SRUC and two representatives from AHDB Dairy travelled together with the overall objective of the study trip being the exchange of knowledge and fostering co-operation and progress between two different countries and dairy industries on innovations and best practices in relation to alternative housing and bedding systems.

A 3 day study trip filled with farm visits and a visit to the Dairy Campus, part of Wageningen University.

During this trip Spinder proudly presented 3 projects:

Marco de Jong, Langedijke : 112 cows and 70 youngstock 

particulars: Comfort NG cubicles with sand & PE-rope manure scraper

Heida, Hoornsterzwaag : 440 cows and 240 youngstock

particulars: Cuddlebox

Tromp, Houwerzijl : 240 cows and 130 youngstock

particulars: Profit cubicles & waterbeds



For more pictures click on the Photogallery


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