Cuddle box



Why the Cuddle box?


A newborn calf is the future of your herd and a newly calved cow the start of a new lactation.

The Spinder Cuddle box creates the optimum conditions for this important first step: for the farmer, the cow and the calf. Convenient, safe, smooth, hygienic and without stress dealing with the whole process around calving.


The Cuddle box provides a system that ensures easy and safe access between mother cows and their calves, and farmers and mother cows. In the development of the Cuddle box, Spinder has cooperated with Vetvice: a team of veterinarians who are striving for maximum welfare and maximum health of animals and humans.


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Video Cuddle box at EuroTier 2016 



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  • Hygienic
  • By one person easy to operate
  • Direct feed intake after calving
  • Safe milking after calving

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