Safety feed front


The feed front is more then a just an access to roughage. The safety feed front from Spinder offers larger moving space for the cow and peace during eating. 

Furthermore a lot of attention is given to the safety for cow and humans, operating comfort and efficient working on group- or individually treatments.

The safety feed front, has a hidden locking mechanism, which is completely integrated into the special top railing of the feed front. By incorporating high quality synthetic parts into the locking mechanism, the system works effortlessly and very quiet.


  • Multi operating, all feeding places can be opened or closed, all together or individually.
  • Handy pushbutton used to separate animals individually.
  • Extreme quiet due to the use of sound proofing materials.
  • Robust construction
  • Spacious head opening (42 cm)
  • Ear tag friendly
  • Easy operating system
  • Feed front height 105 cm
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