Swedish safety feed front Rubos


Massive cows need a heavy feed front. That is exactly why Spinder designed the Swedish safety feed front Rubos.

Practice is asking for a more spacious and heavier type of the Swedish safety feed front for the greater and massive cows. With a feeding place width of 70cm and a height of 86cm fulfils this Swedish safety feed front Rubos to the expectation.


  • Extremely solid made model with a heavy square tube as bottom railing (70x70x4 mm).
  • The movable bar with neck collar protection can also be used as handle to release cows individually.
  • The movable bars have a counter weight, so that they always return in the opened position.
  • Robust construction
  • Suitable for horned cows
  • Spacious safety opening
  • 5-fold operating
  • Low stepping through for farmer
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