Tubing feed front


High-tech invades the dairy operation more and more. However a growing number of dairy farmers prefer to feed their animals roughage by using a very simple feed front.

This system feed front has one or more horizontal tubes. Depending on the size of the operation and the preferred management approach, this method of feeding gives at times advantages in some aspects. For example the freedom of movement for the animals, and the ease of stepping though the feed front for the farmer are considered advantageous.

Spinder offers two systems of tubing feed fronts:

  • Tubing feed front with fixed tubing;

  • Tubing feed front with hinged tubing.



  • Small or large animals, always enough feeding space.
  • The lunging range of the animals is increased; one has to sweep back the feed less frequently.
  • Hinged model; no pressure neck injuries.
  • Easy system
  • Freedom of movement for the animals
  • Ease of stepping trough for the farmer
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