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Waved neck bar

A waved neckbar increases the space in the cubicles. Cows have more space, stand and lie straighter.

Cows have increased in size over the last decades. A waved neck bar makes the smaller cubicle fitting and there is less manure in the cubicle.


PE retaining knee rail

The PE knee rail guides the animal into the perfect position when laying down. As a result the animals will stand up with more ease and the stall will stay much cleaner.


Retaining belt

A nylon retainer belt instead of a shoulder rail to position the animal. It prevents the cow from rough contact with the shoulder rail.


Fastener for retainer bar at the rear edge of the stall floor.

A retainer bar at the rear edge of a stall floor helps to keep the deep litter in a deep litter freestall. The round form also prevents cows from having leg injuries.



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