Model Frisia Perfekt to horizontal tubing


As early as 1993 the model 'Frisia-Perfekt' was introduced. For that time it was a ground-breaking freestall divider with a shoulder rail height of 135 cm!

The modern thinking of ”spacious” freestall dividers, is the reason for market introduction of many models with a shoulder rail height of above 130 cm.

The model 'Frisia-Perfekt' has a proven reputation for as much as 15 years with enthusiastic and satisfied customers. This makes all the difference!


  • Knee rail PE125 guides the animal into the right position.
  • Shoulder rail height of 135 cm, providing for room to rest comfortably and to stand in a relaxed way.
  • Meadow mattress or FriesKo water bed can be placed without any problem.
  • “Spacious” freestall divider.
  • Optimal resting comfort.
  • Adjustable in height and width.
  • Durability, due to the suspended construction.
  • Stall is easy to clean.
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