Model Profit cows


The Profit has been applauded for it’s simple, sturdy construction, it’s general applicability and the fact that it is so easy to install.

The Profit offers excellent cow comfort. In addition, as the result of the unique design, this divider positions the animals in a straight line in the stalls.

The freestall divider model Profit is mounted “freely” onto the stall floor. (Meaning that it is not attached to any support posts or barn supports.) All the right dimensions are available; therefore this model is suitable for every situation. One can select the ideal combination of divider length / stall floor length and achieve the correct position.


  • All the right dimensions are available.
  • Allows for all types of matting materials.
  • Available with extended galvanized mounting foot for deep litter cubicles.
  • Optimal resting comfort
  • Durability, due to the suspended construction.
  • General applicable
  • Easy to install
Freestall dividers

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